X Unveils In-App Trading Platform

X previously known as Twitter, will soon build in-app trading, according to the reports by Semafor.

X has sent a request to the financial data providers which offer many services like financial content, Real-time stock data feeds, and other features. Semafor stated that it is not clear yet how many companies have replied to the request.

It will be a significant partnership as both will benefit from this move. X will offer its millions of users to the data firms and data firms will provide its services, but X wants both to invest in this project.

X has not announced the in-app trading feature, Semafor stated that it got information from insider sources. There is also no sign that X will include stock trading or crypto trading.

X has some features integrated like price charts from a trading view, but this is not beneficial according to Semafor. Recently this year Twitter has partnered with eToro which enables users to buy stocks and crypto. The Firm also has received the license for money transmitter in three U.S. states.

Musk has a plan to upgrade X into an “everything app” which can attract more users and make the app more interesting in this evolving market.

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