Worldcoin Under Investigation by French Authorities

French authorities are investigating Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency project based on digital identities that has come under fire for its methods of collecting biometric data.

To empower people, Worldcoin plans to develop a digital identification platform that uses biometric information such as iris scans. They have established registration hubs all around the world that use a shining sphere known as an “orb” to confirm identities.

To gather biometric information like iris patterns, the orb scans people’s faces when they draw close to it. Each person’s digital IDs are made using this data.

The French data protection authority, CNIL, has expressed concerns about the Worldcoin method, saying that it “appears questionable” and that the conditions for storing biometric data are not clear.

After learning that the German state of Bavaria has jurisdiction, the French data protection organization CNIL stopped its investigation. Since that time, Bavarian authorities have been in charge of the inquiry with assistance from CNIL.

Concerns about the risks of inappropriately managing biometric data are reflected in the statement from the authorities. The data protection authority in the UK has declared that it will look into Worldcoin after it launches.

The collecting of biometric data by Worldcoin has sparked worries about misuse and invasion of privacy. The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has expressed concern that the information might be misused. The ongoing investigation into Worldcoin’s data collection serves as a reminder of the value of securing personal data in the digital era.

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