Worldcoin to Decentralize Manufacturing of Iris-Scanning Orbs

Worldcoin wants to decentralize the manufacturing of its iris-scanning orbs. Experts have warned about the existential risks, the primary risk that experts fear is the duplicity of the iris scans which can pose a data security threat.

Worldcoin has a plan to decentralize its entire project in the future. The firm aims to produce unlimited orb devices and to boost this process it has partnered with Florida’s Jabil. 

Experts believe that independent auditing of the project is difficult which will make it hard to believe it. Worldcoin has always mentioned that the scan captured by the device gets deleted after it is captured.

Certik is one of the prominent blockchain and smart contract auditing firms that recently reported that a security threat exists inside Worldcoin’s process of verification. They claimed that this threat will allow attackers to easily bypass the security and operate the iris scanner to steal the data. 

Bavaria, France, and Kenya have started investigations against the firm.

Even after privacy concerns from the experts, Worldcoin has reported 2.2 million users signed. Seeing this huge success the firm aims to expand its registration services process worldwide.

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