Worldcoin Powers Up with Optimism

Worldcoin has upgraded its decentralized identification and wallet system by switching to Optimism, an Ethereum L2 that can process more transactions at a lesser cost and can handle more transactions.

Worldcoin stated in February that it would transfer its World App and World ID applications to Optimism. This is a significant development for the protocol since it demonstrates their dedication to democratizing cryptocurrency. With faster transaction times and cheaper costs, Optimism’s scaling solution for Ethereum makes it a more desirable platform for Worldcoin consumers.

By converting its World ID protocol to Polygon and Optimism, Worldcoin is making it simpler for users to access its services. 

The use of Worldcoin’s identity verification service is now more economical and accessible thanks to these scaling solutions’ faster transaction times and reduced fees.

Worldcoin’s goal of giving everyone a decentralized identification has come a long way. 

More than 2 million people have already signed up with the company, and the majority of them are from cities like Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo. 

These cities have also installed Orbs, which are biometric devices that scan users’ irises and log their data on the Worldcoin protocol.

The move of Worldcoin complies with Optimism’s newly developed “super chain” concept, which encourages the interoperability of several chains on top of the L2 platform, transforming it into a “platform for chains.” Base, the Coinbase-developed Ethereum L2 scaling layer, is another project that is being built on top of Optimism.

Worldcoin thinks that its ID capabilities might be used to enhance the Citizens House’s operation, a governance element intended to assist in allocating financing to major “public goods” of the protocol.

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