Worldcoin Adoption Booming

Sam Altman, the founder of Worldcoin, tweeted on July 26 that the project is adding new users at a rate of one every eight seconds. He also posted a video of individuals waiting in line to use the project’s eye-scanning technology.

Altman asserted that Worldcoin verifies one person every eight seconds, but he forgot to mention the exact number of participants in the initiative. According to earlier reports, Worldcoin registered more than 2 million users in the weeks before its debut.

Altman’s video footage of individuals lined up to use the project’s eye-scanning tools is probably unrealistic for all sign-up sites since Worldcoin has many offices worldwide where users can finish the verification process. In certain places, including one in Dubai, some users have even claimed there are no such lines.

While the founder of Worldcoin has asserted that the project is averaging one adoption every eight seconds, on-chain statistics indicate that this is not the case. The WLD token is held by slightly over 3,650 people as of July 28, 2023, and only 13,766 transactions have taken place.

Worldcoin’s token, WLD, saw quick early gains on July 24 with its price jumping above $2.60, but it has since dropped to $2.09. Nevertheless, with a $232 million market size, the cryptocurrency continues to be among the top 150 by market cap.

The ID program and cryptocurrency for Worldcoin, a project that uses eye-scanning technology to produce digital IDs for everyone, were introduced on July 24. These IDs can be used to access services and tell AI bots from humans.

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