Senator Tim Scott stated the SEC was to blame for the investor’s loss  since it failed to give the proper instructions, which resulted in the  absence of investor protection at insolvent companies like FTX, Voyager,  Celcius, and others.

To put tougher anti-money laundering rules on cryptocurrencies, Senator  Elizabeth Warren, an outspoken critic of the cryptocurrency  sector, has committed to teaming up with Senator Roger Marshall to  introduce legislation.

Senator Tommy Tuberville has reintroduced a bill that will allow United  States 401(K) retirement plans to include exposure to cryptocurrencies.

Senator Sherrod Brown, said that cryptocurrency companies spent millions of dollars  on Super Bowl 2022 advertisements the previous year without disclosing the high transaction costs, the potential for loss, and the blatant theft that plagues the market. There was not a single advertisement  during Super Bowl 2023 this year.

A venture capitalist and U.S. Senator  JD Vance said that “overbearing” restrictions may have prevented the  creation of the Internet decades ago. He claimed that “our regulatory  strategy should fundamentally be to protect consumers while ensuring that we don’t ruin the dynamic upside of this.”

Lawmakers in Wyoming have adopted a measure prohibiting state courts  from requesting that someone turn up the private keys to their bitcoin  and digital assets. The public key must be able to provide information  about the digital asset for the legislation to be applicable.

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