Creator of Web 3.0 and gaming platforms FLASK has announced a  partnership with Polygon to expand the audience for its  participation-driven GameFi platform NAODA.

Another significant step will be taken towards realizing the joint goal of advancing Web 3.0 technologies through gaming when FLASK integrates  NAODA into the Polygon PoS chain.

With high-quality, community-driven experiences, NAODA is poised to  transform online gaming, and its partnership with Polygon will enable  them to develop and grow those skills on a broader scale.

In the second part of this year, the firm will integrate high-end RTS  and FPS games that were developed in-house and by a subsidiary company  onto the NAODA platform, which is powered by Polygon.

According to Lee Byoung-Jae, CEO of FLASK, “We are pleased to be part of  Polygon’s Web 3.0 ecosystem, working with a brand that shares our  vision that gaming can bring blockchain technology into the mainstream.”