Vitalik Buterin Says Bitcoin Needs Layer-2 Solutions to Unlock Greater Potential

 Vitalik Buterin thinks Bitcoin needs to scale up if it wants to do more than just be a payment network. Buterin believes that zero-knowledge rollups (ZK-rollups) could help Bitcoin become more than just a payment network. 

Buterin made these comments during a Twitter Space hosted by Bitcoin developer Udi Wertheimer.

ZK-rollups offer a way to verify transactions without sharing critical user information, which could make Ethereum more secure.

Buterin highlighted how Ethereum has evolved over the years to address the issue of scalability. He pointed to Optimism and Arbitrum as two examples of rollups that have been successful in increasing throughput.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum face significant scaling challenges. To overcome this difficulty, Ethereum is migrating to proof-of-stake and experimenting with layer-2 solutions.

Bitcoin’s layer-2 solutions, the Lightning Network, and Bitcoin Ordinals, have helped the network scale and become more than just a payment layer.

Bitcoin Ordinals are an innovative success that has the potential to completely change the Bitcoin network. Buterin feels that these examples show that the Bitcoin ecosystem is developing and getting stronger.

Bitcoin Ordinals is a new layer-2 solution that has the potential to revolutionize the way digital art is stored and traded.

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