Twitter suspends AI bot after Elon Musk’s claim 

 Developer Prabhu Biswal from India built the AI-powered bot “Explain This Bob” that operates on Twitter. 

“Explain This Bob” understands the tweets it is tagged in and gives replies, and it uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology. On June 18, Twitter owner Elon Musk halted the project and said the bot was a fake cryptocurrency account. 

 Musk’s past admiration for the bot has completely changed as a result of the account suspension. 

This direct opposition to his earlier post from April 20 in which he proclaimed “I love Bob” in response to one of its tweets. 

The project’s website displays this specific tweet as well. The value of the Bob Token, a meme coin associated with the bot, declined by 27% as a result of the suspension. The asset was down 7.5% over the previous 24 hours. On Twitter, there have been a variety of responses to the suspension of the bot, some of which criticize the firm’s move.

 To plan their cryptocurrency scam schemes and scam innocent victims of millions of dollars, criminals have been using Twitter’s popularity as a platform.

 Twitter hasn’t taken any action against the Bob Token account despite the suspension of the ExplainThisBob account. 

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