The Graph abandons Ethereum for Arbitrum

The Graph, a blockchain data indexing and query protocol, is in the process of migrating to Arbitrum, a layer-2 scaling solution that runs on the Ethereum network. The effort aims to reduce gas fees, increase transaction processing speeds, and make the protocol more accessible.

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The decision to proceed with the switch to Arbitrum was aided by network participants voting via a Graph Improvement Proposal. The vote’s outcome reflects the community’s common choice for a more simplified and cost-effective network experience.

According to Tegan Kline, CEO of Edge & Node, consumers assessed their alternatives across layer-2 networks, and Arbitrum finally won.

“The Graph consumers have constantly been looking for alternatives for enhancing gas efficiencies and other components of the network,” Kline said in a statement. “The community chose Arbitrum as the Layer 2 scaling solution that provides speed as well as affordability to protocol developers and network participants after a thorough analysis of all market alternatives.”

This had already been in the works for quite some time, with intentions to move as early as April 2022 through a governance proposal that proposed building a series of contracts that would connect GRT transactions to Arbitrum. Discussions on The Graph’s forums concerning shifting to a layer-2 network due to unreasonably costly gas prices stretch back to November 2021. 

The initial proposal for deploying The Graph on Arbitrum was made in June 2022. Its proposers, Edge and Node software developers Pablo Carranza Vélez and Ariel Barmat, stated that migrating in “one go” was not a smart option.

Since that time, The Graph has steadily taken further efforts to leave the Ethereum network, such as enabling Arbitrum indexing rewards and launching transfer tools that allow users to send tokens to Arbitrum. Both suggestions were unanimously approved.

The transition procedure is anticipated to improve efficiency in operations for Delegators. These are network players who distribute The Graph’s native token, GRT, to Indexers.

Indexers who run nodes on The Graph Network will be able to receive GRT rewards, with the associated gas fees projected to drop significantly after the switch is complete.

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