Solana Labs incorporates the ChatGPT plugin

A ChatGPT plugin from Solana Labs that enables user interaction with the blockchain has been created as an open-source reference implementation.

A ChatGPT plugin has been released by Solana Labs

A well-known artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot called ChatGPT was introduced in November 2022 by the AI tech company OpenAI and quickly gained popularity online, notably in the cryptocurrency industry. To provide a higher degree of experience in the Crypto Web3 world, several leading crypto projects have shown their inclination towards AI technology in Q1 2023. 

Solana Labs incorporates the ChatGPT plugin

The engineering team behind the Solana blockchain network, Solana Labs, revealed on April 26, 2023, that they had created a Solana plugin that will successfully integrate Solana network functionality with ChatGPT. 

The plugin will let cryptocurrency investors use ChatGPT to directly control their transactions on the Solana network. People will, in short, be able to handle their financial operations involving cryptocurrencies more easily, like users will be able to transfer tokens, check wallet balances, and purchase NFTs.

AI Development is Important to Solana

Solana Labs declared on April 25 that it will allot $1 million in financing for initiatives aimed at developing AI tools on the Solana platform as a sign of commitment to the field.

This action is in line with OpenAI’s recent addition of an “export” option, which enables users to download their data and obtain a greater understanding of the data that ChatGPT keeps. The increased privacy-related scrutiny by regulators throughout the world is immediately addressed by this feature.

Users may anticipate a more effective and engaging blockchain experience as Solana adds ChatGPT plugins. Even though a timeframe is still unknown, the integration shows Solana’s commitment to developing AI technologies inside its ecosystem.

ChatGPT & Crypto industry

The recently popular ChatGPT is now collaborating with the cryptocurrency industry.

Binance has revealed that ChatGPT would be included in its learning management system, Binance Academy. In a blog post dated April 24, the exchange unveiled its brand-new AI-powered product, which it called “Binance Sensei.” Each user will receive a “concise, roughly 150-word summary” from this new “AI-powered mentor” after asking a particular query or collection of keywords to it.

Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, recently suggested that the proof of stake [PoS] network will henceforth be centered on ChatGPT. On his official Twitter account, Hoskinson posted a clip of a doctor and YouTuber Vinay Prasad debating how ChatGPT may alter how medicine is practiced.

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