Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Buys BTC for His Kids

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent proponent of Bitcoin and Democratic presidential contender, has revealed that he has purchased 2 BTC for each of his seven children.

Kennedy’s decision to purchase Bitcoin was influenced by the backlash that he received from experts in the cryptocurrency industry and mainstream press for his pro-Bitcoin remarks at the Bitcoin Miami Conference.

He received criticism for endorsing Bitcoin without investing in it himself. He then chose to invest a substantial quantity of money following the Bitcoin conference and made the decision to invest it in Bitcoin for his seven children.

His children fall in age from 22 to 38 and have three daughters and four sons.

Even though he had just stated that he would start accepting Bitcoin as campaign donations, Kennedy denied having any personal investments in the cryptocurrency.

When Marty Bent asked Kennedy about states like New York targeting Bitcoin mining and what he would do about it as president, Kennedy said he wasn’t sure what he could do.

Kennedy thinks that the claims made against Bitcoin regarding its impact on the environment are generally false and are being made in order to ban the cryptocurrency.

Kennedy stated that the use of fiat currency by governments to support endless wars and unjustified environmental efforts has had terrible consequences.

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