Polygon ID Now Available on Ethereum

Rarimo and Polygon ID have teamed up to make their infrastructure for verifiable credentials accessible on many blockchains.

Rarimo has enabled Polygon ID to become a multi-chain tool for Ethereum identity verification.

In the past, if you created a Polygon ID, you could only use it on Polygon. But now, with the help of Rarimo, you can use your Polygon ID on Ethereum. This makes it much easier to use your Polygon ID across different blockchains. Avalanche and BNB Chain are anticipated to join this list soon.

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is a technology that Polygon ID uses to give people authority over their own digital identities. As a result, consumers have the freedom to decide which organizations they wish to share their identity information with while maintaining their right to privacy.

A decentralized identity system called Polygon ID uses zero-knowledge proofs to validate off-chain documents. Users won’t need to disclose their personal information in order to connect with decentralized applications and submit their papers to smart contracts.

Rarimo and Polygon ID are laying the foundation for the identity verification of the future. Through their collaboration, users will be able to effortlessly verify their identity without having to disclose any personal information. In the struggle for internet privacy and security, this is an important development.

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