Polygon Copilot New AI Chatbot launched by Polygon Labs

Polygon Labs has developed a new guide that enables users to learn about Polygon (MATIC) without any code to write. It also includes examples of prompts for individuals to use when asking inquiries.

Polygon Copilot is a helpful tool for anyone who wants to learn more about blockchain protocols. It uses personas to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand, regardless of your level of experience. The release date was revealed on the Polygon Labs Twitter account on June 21, 2023.

Polygon Copilot is a flexible tool that can explain blockchain concepts in several ways. It contains beginner and advanced modes for users of all skill levels, and it even has a “degen” mode that uses memes to discuss NFTs, DeFi, and wallets.

Polygon Copilot is a powerful new learning tool for blockchain and Web3. It was developed in collaboration with Polygon Labs and Layer-E, and it uses ChatGPT-4, the most advanced publicly available product from OpenAI.

From the assistant’s chat interface, users can also tell Polygon Copilot to mint zkEVM and POS-based NFTs.

Polygon Copilot is so simple to use that even your granny could use it. To demonstrate this, the Polygon (MATIC) team made a video showing how to explain zkEVM to her.

Polygon is not the first firm to introduce an AI chatbot. On June 20, Avalanche introduced its chatbot, AvaGPT.

Binance’s Sensei chatbot, Solana’s ChatGPT plugin, Crypto.com’s Amy chatbot, and ByBit’s ToolsGPT are among the other AI crypto assistants.

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