Polygon 2.0: The Missing Piece of the Internet

Polygon 2.0 envisions a future where Ethereum is scaled to the Internet level, with the Value Layer built on top of it. Two key approaches to increasing block space are megachains and multichain ecosystems. Polygon tweeted about its vision on June 22, 2023.

While megachains like Polygon PoS are effective at processing more transactions per block by raising node requirements, they come with certain limitations. As data accumulates over time, this can cause performance concerns and network lag. 

Megachains may be able to process more transactions per block than other blockchains, but they are still susceptible to contention. This means that the number of transactions that can influence the same state is limited, which might cause performance problems for users of popular apps.

Polygon Supernets are a new way to think about scalability on the blockchain. Instead of trying to scale a single chain, Supernets uses a network of independent chains. This allows for greater throughput, but it also comes with the challenge of fragmented liquidity and value. Unity is weakened in multichain settings where block space is expanded.

Blockspace and liquidity are two of the most important factors for users when choosing a blockchain. Chains with the most liquidity will naturally attract the most activity. The lack of trust and confidence in multichain ecosystems is a consequence of their prioritization of increased block space over unity. 

Polygon 2.0 is a hybrid blockchain that offers the scalability of megachains and the flexibility of multichains. It is a groundbreaking solution that has the potential to revolutionize the blockchain industry. The integration of these features is a game-changer. It not only solves the scalability trilemma, but it also opens up new possibilities for growth and innovation.

With Polygon 2.0, anyone can build on the Value Layer of the Internet without having to worry about scalability or complexity. This project is an invitation for the Ethereum community to join together and shape the Internet’s future. 

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