NEAR Protocol Boosted by New Alibaba Cloud Partnership

In a move to boost the adoption of Web3, Alibaba Cloud has partnered with the NEAR Foundation to offer developers and businesses in Asia and the Middle East access to NEAR’s decentralized platform.

NEAR, the native token of the ecosystem saw its value increase by more than 13% following the announcement of the partnership with Alibaba Cloud.

The price of NEAR has fallen during the previous month, dropping by over 4% to a low of $1.17 on June 15. The token has subsequently steadily recovered, though, and is currently available for purchase for $1.48.

Alibaba Cloud and the NEAR Foundation are teaming up to give the NEAR Foundation access to Alibaba Cloud’s global developer community. They hope that this will encourage more developers to use the NEAR Protocol.

Alibaba Cloud is making it easy for developers to launch new validators on the NEAR Protocol. Their “plug-and-play” infrastructure makes it simple to get started, and they are also providing RPC support to the NEAR ecosystem.

The NEAR Foundation and Alibaba Cloud cooperation plays an important role as we keep assisting Web3 developers in their pursuit of possibilities, according to Raymond Xiao, director of worldwide Web3 solutions at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Customers who use Alibaba Cloud’s infrastructure will also have access to NEAR BOS, a platform that allows developers to build decentralized applications and communicate with other users.

Alibaba Cloud is continuing to expand its Web3 ecosystem with its latest partnership with a Web3-related organization.

Alibaba Cloud, the computing and storage subsidiary of Chinese tech giant Alibaba, has been busy in the Web3 space lately. In the past year, they have announced partnerships with Avalanche (AVAX) and Mysten Labs.

Alibaba Cloud’s partnership with Avalanche will allow customers to launch and maintain their own customized metaverse spaces on the blockchain network.

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