Mythical Games Switched To Polkadot From Ethereum

Mythical Games is moving away from Ethereum in favor of Polkadot, a more open multichain network. 

Mythical Games and Polkadot Join Forces

The Mythos ecosystem, a decentralized autonomous organization created to lower entry barriers for game producers, will profit from this arrangement since it will allow Mythical Games to grow both ecosystems by millions of players and launch a Mythos “Superchain” for their benefit. 

The partnership between Polkadot and Mythical Games was made public on Wednesday to power the upcoming gaming generation. Furthermore, the business believes that by collaborating with Polkadot to use its open environment, it would be able to build “the largest and most connected gaming ecosystem in web3.”

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By utilizing Polkadot’s interoperable multichain technology, The Superchain will enable new gaming projects and partners to build the biggest and most interconnected gaming environment in Web3.

Millions of additional players have been added to Mythical Chain and Polkadot Network as a result of the cooperation, and new gaming partners and projects will be able to utilize Polkadot’s para chain technology, resulting in the development of a sizable new web3 gaming ecosystem.

The NFL Rivals video game, which was created in partnership with Mythical Games and is the first official blockchain video game of the NFL, launches at the same time as the announcement.

NFL Rivals

John Linden, founder and CEO of Mythical Games, responded to the announcement by saying: “The decision to leave the Ethereum ecosystem is a combination of issues surrounding relatively slow transaction speeds, even with L2 roll-ups, that would ultimately hinder Mythical’s scaling plans with our new games this year.” Linden claimed that after speaking with several blockchain technologies, the choice to switch to Polkadot was simple.

“Our community benefits the most from Polkadot’s dedication to innovation, security, and governance. In addition to aiding in our growth efforts, we think that this new technology will also make it possible for other Mythos partners to use it for large-scale initiatives of their own,” he continued.

A new “Superchain” will be created as a result of this shift, which will allow Mythos gaming partners to develop their chains on the Mythical Ecosystem without compromising interoperability or connection, the business said in a press statement on Wednesday.

In this instance, the Immutable zkEVM game platform’s function is comparable to that of the Superchain. The statement describes Mythical Games’ “Superchain as “a scalable infrastructure that will be accessible to all Mythos partners and compliant with Web2 gaming platforms, including the Epic Games Store, without compromising interoperability or connection.”

One of the main contributors to the Polkadot network, Björn Wagner, CEO of Parity Technologies, said: “We are delighted Mythical Games was drawn to the unique capabilities of Polkadot, which allows projects to develop their ecosystems within Polkadot, with their governance and treasury. Together with Mythical, we eagerly anticipate bringing more AAA gaming studios and players into the Mythos ecosystem, advancing Polkadot toward its goal of being the world’s leading provider of next-generation gaming.

Mythical Games

The National Football League and NFL Players Association’s first Web3 game, NFL Rivals, was launched by Mythical Games in 2018. Other immersive games include Blankos Block Party on the Epic Game Store and the soon-to-be-released Nitro Nation: World Tour. 

In terms of monthly sales of digital assets, The Mythical Chain presently ranks among the top four blockchains and processes more transactions related to gaming each day than any other blockchain, including Ethereum.

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