Google Play Now Supports NFT Games

Google Play is making it easier for developers to bring blockchain apps to Android, but there are still some rules they have to follow.

On this platform, users may buy, sell, and exchange digital assets. In its release, it noted that it collaborated with its partners to ensure the new policy is safe and secure for users.

This is a significant step forward for the blockchain sector, and it has the potential to spark a new wave of creativity in the app market.

Developers who want to take advantage of the new policy will need to make sure their apps comply with all of the requirements.

Google Play’s new policy prohibits developers from promoting or exaggerating the potential earnings of blockchain-based assets.

It also mentioned that apps that use NFTs must either be registered as gambling, games, or contest apps, or they must not allow users to exchange NFTs for money.

Google Play does not permit applications that mine cryptocurrencies using your device’s processing power, but it does let apps that allow you to oversee cryptocurrency mining that occurs on remote servers.

Although the new policy contains strict requirements, some industry insiders say it is an essential structure that gives vital guidance to developers. Google Play cited officials from Mythical Games and Reddit who praised the policy change as a positive step.

The Apple App Store’s new NFT regulations have drawn criticism since they require all transactions to be completed through Apple’s system, giving the firm a 30% share of each sale.

Because of Apple’s tight restrictions on blockchain apps, some developers have found it difficult to get their apps approved for the App Store. As a result, some apps have been banned, while others have had to adapt their functionality to meet Apple’s guidelines.

The two largest PC game distributors, Steam and Epic Games have taken different approaches to Web3 games. Steam has banned them, while Epic Games launched the NFT card game Gods Unchained in its store on June 22.

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