Gala Games and PokerGO Collaborate to Launch Web3 poker platform

Gala Games is a well-known brand for social and web3 activities, while PokerGO is a company that offers online poker. Together, they developed PokerGO Play, a cutting-edge web3 social poker game. The game, which is scheduled for release in June, promises to alter how poker is played, enjoyed, and experienced throughout the world.

It only seems to sense that classic games like poker would find a new home on internet platforms in the era of more digitized experiences. But PokerGO Play’s plan encompasses more than simply an online game variant. The goal of this innovative platform is to completely transform the social aspects of poker, attracting fans from across the globe.

The incorporation of web3 technology sets PokerGO Play distinct from other online poker sites. Additionally, there are some outstanding elements including groundbreaking gameplay and superb overall functioning. Players can also win unique real-world rewards, providing additional concrete motivation for engagement.

With Maria Ho’s appointment as the official ambassador, the promotion of this future platform has already begun. She is also a well-known female poker player. Ho’s duties will include both platform promotion and acting as a prominent poker player. In the meantime, she appears in the game as an avatar.

PokerGO’s revenue officer, Richard Blankenship, expressed his excitement for the upcoming platform. However, he commended the complementarity between PokerGO’s extensive experience in poker entertainment and Gala Games’ cutting-edge Web3 development know-how.

Together, we were successful in creating a top-notch social poker game that gamers worldwide would like, Blankenship said.

PokerGO unveiled their 1,326 Genesis nonfungible tokens (NFT) collection in May 2022, which is meant to represent all conceivable beginning hand combinations in Texas Hold’em. With a floor price of 0.1 ETH, the collection has a total cumulative volume of 52 ETH exchanged. Benefits for NFT owners at the time included, but weren’t restricted to, “chances to win cash, memorabilia, and merchandise when their hand appears in winning moments.”

Gala has developed a variety of Ethereum-based play-to-earn blockchain games. Following the protocol’s v2 airdrop, the creators of Gala declared on May 18 that they had destroyed over 21 billion Gala (GALA) tokens, which were valued at about $640 million. Before this, in December 2021, the decentralized Ethereum online poker platform Virtue Gaming introduced a play-to-earn digital poker casino that accepted cryptocurrency. Phil Ivey, a World Poker Tour winner, and well-known poker figure, supports the online platform.

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