FLASK and Polygon collaborate to develop Web 3.0 Ecosystem NAODA

Creator of Web 3.0 and gaming platforms FLASK has announced a partnership with Polygon to expand the audience for its participation-driven GameFi platform NAODA. Another significant step will be taken towards realizing the joint goal of advancing Web 3.0 technologies through gaming when FLASK integrates NAODA into the Polygon PoS chain.

With high-quality, community-driven experiences, NAODA is poised to transform online gaming, and its partnership with Polygon will enable them to develop and grow those skills on a broader scale. In the second part of this year, the firm will integrate high-end RTS and FPS games that were developed in-house and by a subsidiary company onto the NAODA platform, which is powered by Polygon.

According to Lee Byoung-Jae, CEO of FLASK, “We are pleased to be part of Polygon’s Web 3.0 ecosystem, working with a brand that shares our vision that gaming can bring blockchain technology into the mainstream.” “ We’ll keep creating cutting-edge platforms and games while collaborating closely with the Polygon team on their most recent innovations.”

On April 7, NAODA opened its beta service, and since then, it has accomplished a lot. More than 6,200 Soulbound tokens—which are used as Proof-of-Participation (POP) badges inside the service—were produced by users doing missions in just 10 days. POPs are digital badges that are used as identification when taking part in social and gaming activities. They also come with various bonuses that may be exchanged for tokens to be offered for sale in the NFT Marketplace run by NAODA.

FLASK will provide users who take part in the event during the week-long celebration of the cooperation with Polygon a limited-edition POP badge named “POPlygon” for a very short period. On April 19, a tweet was made announcing the event.


As an official sponsor, FLASK will be present at Consensus 2023, the biggest blockchain event in the world, which takes place in Austin, Texas, from April 26 to 28.

FLASK, a KOSDAQ-listed business, is a technological pioneer with goals to drive the adoption of blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies. It was relaunched in 2022. Top personnel with backgrounds at prestigious firms like Kakao Games, NCSoft, and Neowiz is behind the creation of its blockchain-based gaming platform and game titles. The CEO of FLASK, Lee Byoung-Jae, formerly served as General Manager at EA Studios’ Spearhead and at the EA Seoul Studio for EA Korea, where he oversaw several FIFA Online initiatives.

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