First Metaverse Concept Unveiled by Shiba Inu

The Rocket Pond, the newest center of Shiba Inu’s metaverse project, is about to release its final design. The team also encouraged the public to reach out to them with any questions they may have about MV in their tweet.

After asking its members what they wanted to see or do in Rocket Pond in September, SHIB published the flashy concept image for its Rocket Pond Metaverse project.

First Metaverse Concept Unveiled by Shiba Inu Tweet

The Rocket Pond Hub was shown in a black-and-white image that Shiba Inu released in September 2022. Three days later, it unveiled a second colorful hub idea to show off how it would seem when it was really in operation.

Earlier, in March 2023, at the Austin, Texas, SXSW music festival, participants were given a behind-the-scenes tour of one of the hubs, called WAGMI Temple.

The Rocket Pond atmosphere would resemble a hillside resort, YMCA, or KOA camping, with a blend of contemporary conveniences and tourist attractions, according to an official blog post that was published at the time.

Clear rivers, resorts on mountaintops, and luxuriant foliage coexist with animal life.

It is said that a wide range of American locations, notably Glenwood Caverns and Lake Tahoe, had an impact on the hub’s architectural design.

It was revealed that the project will offer users 100,595 pieces of land that can be mined. Landowners may use their fields to gather in-game materials, provide rewards, and make passive income.

The Metaverse team, however, reportedly modified the project’s objectives and schedule, as stated in the most current blog entry. New community hubs are being built and developed by the team right now.

Shib’s developers stated that they at the Metaverse are optimistic that their project will change how players engage with blockchain technology in the future and will transform the gaming industry. On top of that, the team has promised to keep the neighborhood informed of project developments and to provide frequent updates.

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