Ducati’s NFTs are Now on XRP Ledger

Ducati is giving fans a special opportunity to celebrate the company’s history. The Collectible is a video that shows every Ducati logo that has appeared on motorcycle fuel tanks since 1946. It will be available on the XRP Ledger.

With the release of its first digital collectible, which will be issued on the XRP Ledger, Ducati is making its debut in the Web3 realm.

Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati, considers the company’s first digital collectible an opportunity to engage with a new group of NFT enthusiasts. The collectible is a fantastic way to express your appreciation for Ducati and to support the company’s future.

You have one week from the debut date of July 26 to register if you’re interested in Ducati’s new digital collectible. Future projects will be available to early adopters first if they purchase the initial collectible. Ducati has stated that the XRPL platform will be used for all future projects.

In the upcoming months, Ducati intends to roll out several Web 3.0 initiatives. These initiatives will feature the development of newly developed digital spaces for interaction, NFT collections, and opportunities to take part in brand-new activities that are currently popular in the cryptocurrency community.

The “The Epic Road Trip” NFT suite was produced in collaboration with Ducati and Lamborghini. The suite comprises several digital pieces of art that honor the tradition and history of both brands.

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