Coinbase L2 ‘Base’ is getting ready for the mainnet launch

Coinbase has defined clear goals that need to be achieved before Base, its layer-2 solution, can be launched. A key condition is that it demonstrates consistent performance and stability on its testnet.

As part of the platform’s decentralization philosophy, Base is presently being developed internally by the firm, although this will eventually change. It is based on Optimism’s OP development stack; hence, OP Labs, a contributor to the Optimism protocol, will play a major role in whether it achieves the mainnet stage or not.

The base is now awaiting Optimism’s upgrade of Bedrock, which it claims will greatly simplify and shorten its codebase. According to a Coinbase official, the team behind Base also intends to finish an infrastructure evaluation with the OP Labs team and pass internal and external audits with “no critical severity issues.”

Implementing the Regolith hard fork, which took place on April 27, 2023, is one objective that Base has already accomplished. According to a Base newsletter from April 26, the planned upgrade was intended to “enhance the network’s security and reliability.”

According to Coinbase, it established these objectives to make sure developers can successfully deploy when the time comes for the formal launch.

The Base core team will be assisting developers who are creating dapps with the platform in mind through Discord during what the cryptocurrency exchange is referring to as the “genesis window,” which has not yet started.

The business claimed it will provide a more significant update at a later point, but Coinbase did not provide an official launch date for the mainnet.

Several noteworthy projects that are based on the platform were mentioned in the project, including the restaurant loyalty program Blackbird, the community currency OAK, the NFT card game Parallel, and the development tools Thirdweb.

The projects listed by Coinbase are not necessarily the most well-known, although some significant DeFi initiatives have already shown interest in the platform.

On May 22, Aave governance leaders started to gauge community interest in deploying Aave to Base, and so far, there has been some positive response. On May 17, Uniswap governance members further suggested deploying Uniswap.

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