CBDC Debate Heats Up in the US 

CBDCs are getting a lot of attention from Americans. Famous rappers, comedians, and politicians are all sharing their opinions on the benefits and risks of this technology.

Joe Rogan and Post Malone Discuss CBDC

Famous Podcaster Joe Rogan has stated that CBDC will dominate American Citizens once it is launched and the government will track government spending. He said this digital dollar is a game-over scenario for all.

In a recent podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan, the host, and the guest, rapper Post Malone, discussed various topics, among them the U.S. financial system. The main focus of the discussion was the potential risk from CBDCs in the US.

His podcast is famous, and there are almost 11 million listeners. Post Malone has 31 million followers on Twitter. Joe said that CBDC can be used by the government to ruin someone’s life who breaks the rules. According to Joe, if CBDC and social credit are linked together in the future, the government can freeze his account for breaking the rules.

Both discussed the decision taken by the Canadian government to freeze truckers’ bank accounts when they protested. Malone feels that people’s financial spending is controlled by the government, and they can make any decision that impacts their daily lives.

U.S. Presidential Candidates Warn of CBDC’s Threat

Vivek Ramasamy 

Several Presidential candidates are not in support of CBDC. Vivek Ramasamy is one of them; he believes that CBDC is a grave threat to the citizens’ freedom. After this statement, he has been praised by the crypto community.

He also stated that the Federal Reserve has not worked for people for the last 25 years. They just focused on printing money and made people’s lives hard.

He also added that China has already adopted CBDC, which is known for curbing people’s freedom.

Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor and US presidential candidate Ron DeSantis have been continuously criticizing and arguing against CBDC. He has also stated that if he is elected president, there will be no CBDC.

He has also signed a bill that prohibits CBDC in Florida. He believes that if CBDC is launched, it will have total authority over the center, and citizens will have no freedom.

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