Cardano Founder Denies Ripple Rumors

The rumor that Hoskinson interned at Ripple has been circulating among crypto enthusiasts for some time, in a recent tweet he denied it.

Hoskinson clarified the confusion among the people raised by claims that he worked for Ripple, emphasizing that he had never worked for the firm in any capacity.

Hoskinson explained that people may have confused him with Buterin, who did intern at a California-based technology startup. Hoskinson made it clear that he has no ties to Ripple, while Buterin interned with the company.

Why do I keep seeing that I interned at Ripple? I never did any work for them. You have me mixed up with Vitalik, who I believe was an intern — June 23, 2023, Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles)

Hoskinson’s relationship with the XRP community deteriorated after he criticized the community’s handling of the SEC lawsuits. He severed ties with the community and banned multiple accounts on Twitter.

 In 2019, Buterin revealed that he had applied for an internship at Ripple in mid-2013, but visa complications prevented him from participating. The same year, he wrote an article in which he praised Ripple. He later co-founded Ethereum, which is now the second-largest cryptocurrency by market valuation.

Former Ripple executive Matt Hamilton also revealed that Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin had applied for an internship at Ripple during a discussion about the first blockchain to allow tokenized assets, decentralized exchanges, smart contracts, and stablecoins.

Hamilton’s information was intended to counter the claim that Ripple was the first blockchain to offer decentralized functionalities. However, Token Paddock disagreed, arguing that Ethereum was the first.

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