BIT Mining Unveils a New Generation of Litecoin/Dogecoin Rigs

The Dogecoin (DOGE) and Litecoin (LTC) mining equipment, code-named LD4, has been updated and launched by the cryptocurrency mining business BIT Mining. The company’s LD series of ASIC mining rigs, which are optimized for the DOGE and LTC blockchains, is already in use by BIT Mining. They are energy-efficient and give high hash rates.

The LD4 has undergone several trials and tests, and the results of these trials and tests were utilized to enhance and tweak the design. Since the company’s 2022 acquisition of mining hardware manufacturer Bee Computing, the machine is the third ASIC mining machine that the company has built.

The LD4’s usage of an aluminum printed circuit board (PCB) and a single airflow channel mining machine architecture is one of its most significant design advancements. Excellent heat conductivity, lower manufacturing costs, and favorable environmental effects are all provided by aluminum PCBs. Compared to the twin airflow channel architecture utilized in the LD3, the single airflow channel design makes the device more cost-effective, easy to install, and structurally compact.

In addition to strong performance, the LD4 also has improved security. The computer has high-level security software with the most recent Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVE) vulnerability patches installed to defend against known vulnerabilities. Hardware-level security protection is also present.

CEO of BIT Mining, Mr. Xianfeng Yang, stated that “with each new type of mining device that BTCM creates, we further calibrate our skills, acquiring further experience with manufacturing goods that assist contribute to critical blockchain networks. Currently, no other mining equipment in our sector compares to the sophistication of our new model LD4 machine. One of the leading manufacturers of cryptocurrency mining equipment in the world, we’re dedicated to keeping up with technological advancements in mining equipment development and pushing for increased industry efficiency.

Few companies in the world, including BIT Mining, have successfully implemented high-performance mining machine designs using aluminum PCBs and single airflow channels, demonstrating the company’s technical leadership in its sector.

The long-term goal of BIT Mining is to add value to the whole cryptocurrency sector by offering services for mining cryptocurrencies, operating mining pools, running data centers, and building mining equipment. The company also controls, the most popular blockchain browser in the world, as well as a substantial mining pool operation that offers services for mining many currencies, including BTC, ETC, and LTC. Due to its ownership of Bee Computing, a manufacturer of 7-nanometer cryptocurrency mining equipment, the company is better able to vertically integrate with its supply chain.

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