Bisonai teams up with Polygon Supernet to revolutionize Web3 infrastructure

Singapore-based Bisonai intends to revolutionize the blockchain market with its partnership with Polygon Supernet. Aiming to provide businesses of all sizes access to the promise of blockchain, this dynamic alliance is on a mission to build scalable, adaptive Web3 infrastructure.

Bisonai Partners with Polygon Supernet

As more businesses join the blockchain bandwagon, they discover that it’s not all plain sailing. The process can become seriously hampered by problems with scalability and complicated infrastructure. But the alliance of Bisonai and Polygon represents a turning point, making it simpler for companies of all sizes to create first-rate blockchain infrastructure for Web3.

Traditional blockchain networks like Ethereum have the drawback of needing assistance to handle several transactions at once. This results in long wait times for transactions and exorbitant petrol costs, which is not exactly ideal for companies attempting to benefit from blockchain technology. However, Bisonai has Polygon’s back and can provide customized blockchain solutions for each customer by utilizing its Supernet program.

Tae-goo CEO of Bisonai Kim is ecstatic to join Polygon’s Supernet program as a technology implementation partner and said as much in a statement: “We are happy to work with Polygon and join their Supernet program. Major multinational corporations like Starbucks and Disney have already embraced Supernet, which offers customization options that let businesses issue their native tokens or alter gas prices. As Kim said, “Our expertise in blockchain development and Web3 infrastructure, combined with Polygon’s scalable and customizable blockchain services, will offer businesses of all sizes the opportunity to benefit from the power of blockchain technology.”

Since partnering with well-known companies like Netmarble and Altava Group, Bisonai has created a stir in the market. Additionally, they recently secured a seed round of funding, and they have no plans of slowing down any time soon. With Polygon Supernet at its side, Bisonai is prepared to assist companies worldwide in realizing the full potential of Web3 blockchain technology.

What is Bisonai?

The Web 3 blockchain infrastructure is a vital part of the decentralized web, giving companies the tools and technologies they need to capitalize on the potential of blockchain technology. Web3 is fundamentally a new kind of internet interaction where users and companies are in charge of their data and digital assets. Without the use of middlemen, Web3’s blockchain technology allows safe and transparent transactions.

Bisonai, a Web3 infrastructure-focused firm with headquarters in Singapore and launched in 2022 by CEO Tae-goo Kim, is at the vanguard of this shift. Decentralized application (dApp) development, smart contract development, and bespoke blockchain development are among the blockchain development services provided by Bisonai. Utilizing the most recent tools and technology, their team of skilled engineers develops scalable, secure, and customized blockchain solutions for each customer.

For a variety of dApps and blockchain infrastructure, Bisonai provides development help through its Web3 Studio service. Working with Web2 and Web3 businesses as well as Layer 1 foundations, Bisonai offers development consultancy, product launch, and operational services tailored to a variety of needs. They focus on several major areas, including non-custodial wallets, NFT smart contracts, NFT marketplaces, blockchain oracles, block explorers, and blockchains.

Bisonai offers a robust community of developers and blockchain aficionados in addition to its goods and services. The SeoulWeb3 community frequently conducts gatherings and events to encourage developer cooperation and blockchain education.

Additional Web3 infrastructure services are provided by Bisonai. Building and running decentralized apps on the blockchain is made possible by these services, which also include node hosting, blockchain monitoring, and network optimization. Businesses may profit from blockchain technology while focusing on their core strengths by utilizing Bisonai’s experience in Web3 infrastructure.

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