Binance.US finally lists the new altcoin Floki Inu

The third-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, Binance US, has confirmed acceptance for the asset, giving Floki Inu (FLOKI) a significant boost. The important milestone follows a spectacular 33% rise achieved by the asset and moves Floki one step closer to becoming widely adopted throughout the world.

On April 24, Binance US announced the news in a press release and later shared it on its official Twitter account.

Binance.US Finally Lists Floki Inu Tweet 11zon

At the time of the press release, the asset Floki Inu had already been listed on the platform, but all that was accessible were deposits. On April 25 at 5:00 (PDT) or 12 noon (UTC), Binance.US announced that it will begin trading for Floki against the USD and USDT.

The listing is a significant breakthrough for Floki Inu as the community has been clamoring for Binance.US and Kraken to support the currency. The asset has maintained a steady stream of listings on several exchanges this year, including HitBTC, Indodax, and Bitexen, among others.

The announcement from Binance.US comes at the same time that Floki’s price has experienced an astounding rise, rising more than 33% in the last day to surpass all other tokens on the list of the top 500 biggest assets on CoinMarketCap. As a result, Floki Inu has established itself as these assets’ biggest gainer.

The popularity of the meme token Floki Inu is mediocre. This cryptocurrency was introduced by a supporter of Elon Musk in June 2021. Musk did tweet about his pet dog, “Floki,” and as a result, the Floki Inu token became a new meme coin in the cryptocurrency industry. Floki is the most well-known meme coin, ahead of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Token.

The Floki Inu team advertised the Floki tokens in public places in the United Kingdom (UK) in Q3 2021. After that, in November 2021, the UK’s advertising regulating board opened a probe into advertisements for crypto assets and issued specific suggestions to forbid the marketing of risky digital assets.

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