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The majority of cryptocurrencies were losing value at the beginning of this week as a result of a corrective phase that had taken place the week before. This decline may be attributable to several elements, including unusually large sell orders on Binance and higher-than-anticipated inflation statistics from the U.K. Investors and traders turned away from riskier assets as a result, which led to the market’s anticipated response.

Binance US declines the $1.3 billion Voyager agreement

Only a few days away from being finalized, Binance has canceled the $1 billion asset acquisition deal with Voyager.

Bankrupt Voyager described the termination as “disappointing” in a tweet.

According to Voyager, “Today we received a letter from Binance.US terminating the asset purchase agreement,” the business added that “our chapter 11 plan allows for direct distribution of cash and cryptocurrency to customers (a “toggle option”) via the Voyager platform.”

The revelation was made by Binance, who blamed the predicament on the “uncertain regulatory environment in the United States.”

Apple has deleted the Bitcoin whitepaper from MacOS

The largest tech company’s operating system upgrade has secretly removed the Bitcoin white paper from the most current beta.

According to the Apple-focused news site 9to5Mac, which first reported the news on April 25, the Big Tech corporation has deleted the Bitcoin white paper as a result of removing a test scanner program called Virtual Scanner II from the most current MacOS Ventura 13.4 beta.

The Web3 launcher is being expanded by Google Cloud

The Web3 Startup Programme is an aspect of a bigger initiative by the Alphabet subsidiary to give technology resources and cloud services to companies looking to grow. The program is thus accessible to Series A-stage companies creating blockchain software stacks and protocols.

“We want to provide a solid, adaptable, and durable foundation for Web3 developers to develop their applications on.” According to James Tromans, Google Cloud’s Head of Web3 Engineering, “We want to be every Web3 startup and developer’s first choice for hosting and scaling their businesses.”

A NY Investment Bank expert claims that the cryptocurrency winter is over

A major New York City-based financial institution called H.C. Wainwright has said that its research has identified the end of the “crypto winter.”

The bank recently started monitoring American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and issued a “Buy” rating, highlighting the market’s significant growth potential. Current circumstances suggest that Coinbase has a bright future for earnings.

Hong Kong to release rules for crypto licenses

The Hong Kong Securities Futures Commission (SFC) is anticipated to provide guidelines for crypto exchange licensing the following month.

With the implementation of the new regulations, cryptocurrency trading platforms will be able to serve retail investors starting on June 1 and provide trading services.

Justin Sun wants to make the TRON Tender legal in the BRICS nations

On Wednesday, Justin Sun, the CEO and Founder of TRON (TRX), participated in a special interview with Bloomberg TV. He discussed the evolution of stablecoins as well as the legal issues he encountered while working in the cryptocurrency industry.

Sun started talking about stablecoins, or the actual USD because they are now a limited alternative. In addition, Hong Kong’s stablecoin will make its TRX debut sooner, as he previously mentioned in a tweet.

Binance P2P Bank Accounts Seized

While everyone was waiting for India to reveal its cryptocurrency regulatory framework, the seizure of numerous bank accounts connected to Binance P2P sent tremors in the community.

After her bank account was taken over and she got in touch with the cybercrime, a community member started a tweet thread to let others know what had happened.

Shiba Inu Unveils First Metaverse Concept

Shiba Inu’s newest metaverse hub, The Rocket Pond, is poised to unveil its final layout. In their tweet, the team also invited people to contact them with any queries they may have related to MV.

SHIB released the eye-catching concept graphic for its Rocket Pond Metaverse project in September after asking its members what they wanted to see or do in Rocket Pond.

Bhutan Uses Hydropower to Mine Bitcoin

Under the imposing Himalayan hills, a thriving Bitcoin mining industry is hidden in Bhutan, a small country known for its Gross National Happiness analysis.

The Kingdom of Bhutan Has Been Mining Bitcoin for Years, according to a Forbes article with the headline “Bhutan Has Been Secretly Mining Bitcoin for Years.” With its abundant hydropower resources, Bhutan has begun mining Bitcoin. Bhutan is a big player in the bitcoin mining industry, according to Forbes, since this secret enterprise is powered by rivers that are fed by ancient Himalayan glaciers.

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