Avalanche Backs Pixion Games with $5.5M Seed Round for Web3 Gaming

Pixion Games, a web3 gaming studio backed by Avalanche, has successfully concluded its seed funding round, raising $5.5 million.

The Blizzard Fund, Shima Capital, and ReadyPlayerDAO were all impressed by Pixion Games’ vision for the future of web3 gaming, and they were eager to invest in the company’s success.

Pixion Games’ seed funding round was a sign of the growing excitement around web3 gaming, and it showed that the industry is attracting the attention of some of the biggest names in the investment world.

Pixion Games announced in a June 27 press release that they will use the capital raised in their seed funding round to further develop their highly anticipated action-based RPG, Fableborne.

Fableborne is a game that is built on the Avalanche network, and it allows players to interact with on-chain assets. This means that players can own their in-game items, and they can also trade them with other players.

Pixion Games, the web3 gaming studio that is changing the game, is gearing up to take Fableborne to the next level. Fableborne is unlike any other RPG, seamlessly integrating the strategic base building with accessible avenues for players to accumulate on-chain in-game assets.

Punia emphasized the studio’s commitment to LiveOps by sharing that their tournament-powered model is nearing completion and will soon be ready for release.

The project is poised for success, with the backing of a strong team and a solid investment thesis. 

The project has already attracted the backing of some of the most well-respected investors in the blockchain gaming space, including Avalanche Foundation’s Blizzard Fund, Shima Capital, Eldridge, Merit Circle, ReadyPlayerDAO, VGC, Zee Prime, Mechanism Capital, GSR, Misfits Gaming.

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