Aptos Network Hit by Airdrop Scam

Aptos Labs is investigating a security breach on its network. The company tweeted yesterday that the Aptos Foundation has confirmed the Twitter account hack and is working to handle the damage.

The firm has warned users to be aware of a fraudulent tweet that claims to be offering an APT airdrop. The tweet is fake, and clicking on any links in it could result in your funds being stolen.

The hackers are now directing followers to a fake website that claims to be offering an airdrop of APT tokens.

It appears that the hackers also hacked Aptos CEO Mo Shaikh’s Twitter account. The hackers targeted Aptos Foundation and its CEO, Mo Shaikh, in a Twitter hack that seems to be planned. They are now using both accounts to promote a fake airdrop of APT tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Aptos Foundation is still investigating the cause of the hack that led to the fraudulent airdrop announcement. They have not yet released any information about the nature of the compromise or how many users may have been affected.

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