Andrew Tate’s Bitcoin seized by Romanian authorities

The well-known social media figure and former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate was recently the target of a successful Bitcoin seizure by Romanian prosecutors.

Around 21 BTC, or $560,000, was the estimated worth of the confiscated bitcoin. Authorities also confiscated a number of additional valuables, including 15 high-end vehicles, 14 timepieces, 15 houses, and stakes in four businesses.

The indictment relates to four suspects, including Tate’s brother Tristan, according to a news release from the Romanian Directorate for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism’s Office of Information and Public Relations.

As the judicial process moves forward, the accused will now be put on house arrest.

At this moment, it is unknown exactly what accusations Andrew Tate and his fellow defendants are facing. However, the confiscation of large assets, such as huge Bitcoin holdings, points to a thorough probe of their financial dealings.

Given Tate’s online profile and his prior professional athletic achievements, the case has received a lot of interest from the crypto and social media communities.

Mateea Petrescu, a representative for Andrew Tate, stated that the brothers are committed to proving their innocence and fixing their damaged reputation in reaction to the continued allegations and asset seizures.

Petrescu stated that Tate’s legal staff is prepared to work closely with the appropriate authorities. They hope to provide solid evidence that will not only clear up any misunderstandings or untrue accusations but also exonerate the brothers.

When the British-American social media personality was held in December 2022 and again in February, when police took more than $100,000 of Andrew’s assets, including around five bitcoins worth about $110,000, both events made headlines. On the other side, Tristan held 16 bitcoins worth a combined total of $465,000, or almost equivalent to the sum that was just confiscated.

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