About Us

What is Arthaagyan.com?

Welcome to arthaagyan.com, friends!

The crypto market is the main subject of this blog.
This website publishes information on the cryptocurrency market, including details on Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Polygon (Matic), FTX, Binance, and other coins.
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We exist solely to inform people about the cryptocurrency markets so they may achieve their financial goals in line with their risk and capacity.

Founder & Author of the blog

I am Vishal. I post articles about the cryptocurrency markets. I’m pursuing a BBA degree. My home is in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

I’m constantly interested in new advancements in this industry and I learn something new about it every day. I would love to share such information with you all.

Co-Founder and Senior Editor

Hi, my name is Mayur. I enjoy learning the cryptocurrency markets and share whatever I learn with others. I received my BMS from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of the Mahatma Gandhi Mission. I reside in Maharashtra’s Navi Mumbai.

I’ve also learnt how to model 3D objects in Blender, and I work for a variety of customers and online businesses.