17% of US adults have invested in crypto: Pew Research

There aren’t many surprises in the most recent U.S. cryptocurrency study from the Pew Research Center, which was released on April 10. The findings concern the country’s acceptance of and trust in the booming crypto sector.

The most important conclusion, according to Pew, is that 75% of American adults who have heard of cryptocurrencies have little to no confidence in their security and dependability.

Nevertheless, adoption rates for cryptocurrencies vary greatly by gender and age, with males between the ages of 18 and 50 driving the majority of market activity in the United States. As a result, that number could not accurately reflect the mood of the average cryptocurrency investor.

The research’s methodology notes that specific minority groups were oversampled to represent proper population proportions. 10,071 study participants responded to the survey’s several questions about U.S. cryptocurrency attitude across age, race, and gender demographics.

In a study conducted in August 2022, 16% of US respondents indicated they had purchased, traded, or utilized a cryptocurrency; now, that number has increased to 17%. The majority of males who utilize cryptocurrency are younger guys; 41% of men between the ages of 18 and 29 reported having invested in cryptocurrencies.

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Individuals that entered the cryptocurrency industry have had varying degrees of satisfaction with their choices.

Just 15% of respondents said they had been pleasantly surprised, while almost 45% said that their cryptocurrency investments had done worse than they had anticipated. A third of respondents said that the performance of cryptocurrency has been in line with their initial expectations.

31% of persons who have ever invested in the area claim not to have any cryptocurrency at the moment. In the past year, just 16% of individuals who had previously used the facility became users.

The analysis shows that, on the plus side, over two-thirds of all American people who have invested in cryptocurrencies still possess at least part of them.

The report comes as US regulators have lately targeted cryptocurrency companies and executives, including Justin Sun, the creator of Tron network, and Coinbase, for suspected securities breaches due to the absence of adequate regulatory frameworks.

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